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Questions & Answers For Laser Tattoo Removal

How much does Tattoo Removal cost?

Tattoo removal by Reversible Ink is affordable. Reversible Ink offers a free consultation to evaluate your tattoo and at that time will give you a price quote and a recommendation on how many treatments you will need. Here at Reversible Ink we offer tattoo removal at a great value and we provide special payment plans for our clients‘ convenience. 

Can I lighten my tattoo to cover it with another tattoo?

Yes, tattoo artists refer many clients who request lightening their tattoos before cover up work is performed. This often allows for a greater choice in a new tattoo design, improving the final result.

Does the laser tattoo removal treatment hurt?

For most people there is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in the laser tattoo removal procedure. We use a combination of numbing cream and cooling to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. 


How long does it take to heal?

Laser removal treatments are preformed every 6-8 week until desired result. This allows your body's immune system enough time to break up the ink pigments.