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Reversible Ink Tattoo Removal

Welcome to Reversible Ink


What Makes Us Different


Our Laser Technology 

Reversible Ink uses Nevada's most advanced laser technology to safely remove your tattoo, featuring faster fading and flawless results.

Tattoo Shops


We work with local Tattoo artists who need to remove or fade existing tattoos for their clients.



We understand that you have questions! Your free consultation will provide you with the opportunity to meet privately with a certified laser tattoo removal specialist who will assess your tattoo & answer any questions you have!

Laser tattoo removal the safe and effective way

The Gentle Alternative

It’s no surprise if someone wants a tattoo to be removed. After all, most people like to make changes to their appearance from time to time. Tattoo removal by chemical peeling, mechanical skin ablation or surgery is not only time-consuming and painful, but often produces unwanted side effects. The gentle alternative is laser treatment.


For Flawless Skin

High-efficiency laser systems were developed specifically for removing tattoos. Laser treatment destroys the colored pigments injected in tattoos without lastingly damaging the skin. The dispersed color particles are then broken down by the body. 

Even accidental ‘dirt tattoos,’ skin discoloration from medication, can be removed gently and precisely, without leaving scars.